Coconut Oil (125g)

Coconut Oil (125g)


Coconut oil is, in many cases, the ideal oil medium for crafting edibles. Coconut oil has a very high concentration of saturated fats and these fats create a perfect binding agent for cannabinoids (CBD). It is for this reason, along with the versatility of use and great taste that coconut oil is our “go-to” at Bud’s Kitchen.


Of course there are times when a recipe calls for a specific oil to be used (such as infused avocado oil when making guacamole) but for everything else: coconut oil.

Bud’s Kitchen select only oil which is ethically produced, and cold pressed to perfection. 

Please note that Coconut Oil is solid at under 25 degree celsius. We do not melt the oil when packaging therefore, your Coconut Oil will arrive in a solid state during the colder months and may arrive in a slightly softer or liquid form in the summer months. 

  • Our Coconut Oil is 100% Organic, Extra Virgin, Raw and Pure.

  • Our Coconut Oil is produced from raw fresh coconut coconuts and Cold-Pressed to perfection.

  • Our Coconut Oil is Vegan friendly.

  • Our Coconut Oil is NOT hydrogenated, NOT bleached and NOT deodorised, ensuring it is the finest quality available


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