Frequently asked questions

Which Herbs Can I Use?

There is no shortage of herbs which are suitable for home baking. We designed our recipe kits with Hemp in mind but instead of CBD cookies you could just as easily try rosemary or lavender instead.

Can this kit be used with Cannabis?

Cannabis is illegal for recreational use in the UK and is classified as a Class B drug. We are therefore unable to condone the use of our products with Cannabis. If we believe any customer intends to use our product with Cannabis then we would be unable to sell to them. If you disagree with this then we have some suggestions: Support a campaign group such as CLEAR: Contact your MP to constructively let them know how you feel: Petition the government:

I'm going to use this kit with Cannabis anyway, is there anything I should know?

Ok, so youv'e not listened to the law but please do listen to the below. Eating Cannabis is much stronger and lasts much longer than other forms of consumption so start slow. You can always eat more later but if you eat too much to start you could be in bad way for a long time. When eating Cannabis it can take a long time to feel the effects. Everybodys metabolism is different and the onset of effects will also be impacted by how much you have eaten that day. It is advisable to wait at least 90 minutes between eating your first dose before trying more.